MCA is a great business opportunity!

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Motor Club of America

Hey, my name is Brooke Kelly and I'm a full time college student. I'm 19 years old being a fulltime college student it's hard to find a job that will work around my schedule. In October 2012 I came across this company, and of course I did my research on the company. Just like you, I was skeptical about investing $40. I contacted the person (my sponsor) who introduced MCA to me and told him I wanted to join. I joined, recieved training, and got to work. My second week I recieved my first sale. I felt relieved!!! By the end of the pay period I made 3 sales! That Friday I checked my bank account and the money from TVC (sponsors MCA) was there. This is the perfect job for me! I can work on my own schedule and spend time with friends and family!!! Please check out the rest of my website for more information!!!